Razorworks have been developing games since 1996, working in genres as diverse as flight simulation, car racing, retro gaming and arcade coin-op…
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Pipe Mania

Pipe Mania keeps the classic game play of the original title while adding many new features including, multiple themed levels, multiple floozes & flooze types, Co-op & versus multiplayer and more.

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Ford Racing Off Road

Ford Racing Off Road is a hectic, fast paced arcade racing game that takes place in lush wilderness style environments across extreme terrain.

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Q3 2007

Speedball 2 Brutal Deluxe

The extreme violence of Speedball 2 Brutal Deluxe comes to Xbox Live Arcade! Enjoy the frantic gameplay of the classic game with enhanced High Definition visuals, 5 single player modes, 4 multiplayer modes, downloadable content and 2 new leagues.

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Q1 2007

Double Dragon

The arcade classic Double Dragon updated for X-Box Live Arcade. Features enhanced graphics, online co-operative play, online leaderboards and an extras section with original arcade artwork and hints to improve your gameplay.

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Q4 2006

Ford Street Racing - L.A. Duel

Team-based racing for the PSP - this game is a substantial update to Ford Street Racing with additional cars, tracks game modes, WLAN play and new Team and Solo careers.

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Q2 2006

Taito Legends 2

A further collection of 38 Taito games, including Qix, Legend of Kage, Puzzle Bobble 2 and Darius Gaiden. Features a comprehensive hints and tips section, multiple difficulty settings for each game and saveable high-scores

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Q1 2006

Ford Racing Full Blown

Razorworks proudly worked with Sega Amusements Europe to develop a special version of Ford Racing for coin-op. Full Blown features a wide range of Fords including classics, off-road vehicles, muscle cars, concepts cars and modern high-performance vehicles. The game links up to 6 players and can be found in amusement arcades all over the UK!

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Q1 2006

Ford Street Racing

Race 18 of Ford's most aspirational vehicles through the streets of Los Angeles in a team-based driving experience. You command a team of up to three vehicles with the ability to switch between vehicles in-race and issue team orders, adding elements of team strategy and tactics to the car racing experience.

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Q3 2005

Taito Legends

A collection of 29 classic Taito games, including the classics Space Invaders, Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands, New Zealand Story and Operation Wolf. Features multiple difficulty settings for each game, saveable high-scores, hints and tips and designer interviews.

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Q4 2004

Ford Racing 3

Sequel to Ford Racing 2 with more cars, tracks, game modes and game types. Slick presentation with double the content of Ford Racing 2.

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Q4 2003

Ford Racing 2

Ford Racing 2 is an arcade racer that showcases a wide range of Ford vehicles in a compendium of racing games including road racing, off-road racing and high-speed oval racing.

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Q4 2002

Total Immersion Racing

A challenging circuit-racing game based on Le Mans-style sports car racing, with up to 18 vehicles competing in each race. The game features a diverse range of licensed sports cars from GTs such as the BMW M3 GTR and MacLaren F1 GTR to prototypes such as the Audi R8 and Bentley Exp Speed 8.

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Q1 2000

Enemy Engaged: Comanche Hokum

Building on the success of Apache Havoc, this sequel showcased the US 'Comanche' and Soviet 'Hokum' gunships. Comanche Hokum has backwards compatibility with Apache Havoc giving the player 4 gunships to fly and all of the campaigns to play. Comanche Hokum was awarded “Simulation of the Year 2000” by GAMESPOT.

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Q4 1998

Enemy Engaged: Apache Havoc

Razorworks’ first title, a combat helicopter simulator showcasing the US 'Apache' and Soviet 'Havoc' gunships. A classic in its day, Apache Havoc raised the bar with it’s massive dynamic campaigns, combat tactics, richly detailed environments and graphical attention to detail. Each campaign could be fought from either US or Soviet perspective. Network and Internet play allowed both competitive and co-operative multiplayer gaming.

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